The Modern Slavery Act 2015 came into force in March 2015 and combines slavery and human trafficking. Modern slavery is a criminal offence and abuse against Human Rights. This Act covers four activities:

  • - Slavery
  • - Forced or compulsory labour
  • - Servitude
  • - Human trafficking

This gives power to The National Crime Agency, the police and other law enforcement to bring to justice those involved in human trafficking and slavery. Modern slavery is a complex and multi-faceted crime and tackling it requires all partners and staff of 121 Rydes Ltd to play a part.


The main areas of risk that 121 Rydes may face related to slavery or Human Trafficking include: Recruitment through agencies. 121 Rydes will manage these risks through our set out policy.


At 121 Rydes all employees and members have responsibilities to ensure all employment is safeguarded and treated fairly with dignity.

This arrangement must be watched and any genuine concerns which are raised will be managed as proper and may trigger 121 Rydes to take disciplinary systems. Our team will maintain clear strategies and methodology forestalling misuse and illegal exploitation, ensuring our associates and our notoriety be clear about our enrollment strategy. Colleagues must follow the detailing system if there is any doubt of an associate or somebody in our graceful chain being controlled or constrained by another person to work or offer types of assistance follow the revealing technique if an associate discloses to them something that may show they are or another person is being abused or abused.


Our Team will offer a reasonable yearly expression which will show a synopsis of the means we have taken during the monetary year to guarantee that subjugation and illegal exploitation isn't occurring in any aspect of the business or our graceful chains. It will be distributed on our site toward the finish of each monetary year. We are relied upon to expand on our announcement every year and consequently show that enhancements can be made. We are expected to build on our statement each year and therefore show that improvements can be made. The statement will also show the organisation structure, our business and supply chains our policy in relation to slavery and human trafficking the due diligence processes in relation to slavery and human trafficking.

The pieces of the business and supply chains where there is a danger of servitude and illegal exploitation, and what steps are being taken to evaluate and deal with that hazard, training accessible to accomplices and associates about subjection and illegal exploitation. The announcement will be endorsed by the individuals and marked by an assigned part. 121 Rydes will distribute the announcement on our site.

There is no average victim and a few victims don't comprehend they have been misused and are qualified for help and backing. The accompanying rundown of markers, which isn't thorough, could trigger doubts that somebody might be a subjugation or dealing casualty. The individual may not be in control of their own visa, ID or travel archives, will permit others to represent them when addressed legitimately, will be pulled back or seem scared, does not appear to have the option to contact companions or family uninhibitedly, has restricted social communication or contact with individuals outside their quick environment. An individual may show some of the markers as set out above however they may not really be a victim of servitude or dealing.


If you have any concerns about the above please feel free to contact us on:

  • 02036335000
  • 02080761999

Or alternatively write to us on Portacabin, 32-36 Station Road, Wood Green, N22 6UX

If you believe a victim is in immediate danger, please dial 999. Please be aware though, that not all victims may want to be helped and there may be instances where reporting a suspected trafficking case puts the potential victim at risk. It is therefore important that in the absence of an immediate danger, you should discuss your concerns first with the Money Laundering Reporting Officer before taking any further action.


121 Rydes Ltd will monitor our procedures and review Anti-Slavery policy regularly. We will provide information and training if required on any changes which will be made.